In de persoon van Simon Renger hebben de Wolves nog een coach gevonden met zijn roots in het buitenland. De Duitser van origine studeert sinds kort in breda en is ook gepokt en gemazeld in het heads up football. Ook hij zal zich dus met de jeugd bezig gaan houden en dan met name aan de defense kant van de bal. Ook zal hij waar mogelijk de defensive backs van het seniorenteam ondersteunen.


Can you give us some personal info about yourself?

My name is Simon a 24 years old Game Design student (in Breda at NHTV) from Germany. I like great challenges that is why I started playing and coaching American football in the first place as well as challenging sports like climbing. Also, I have been to Australia to work as an outdoor education assistant for Outward Bound Australia.

Can you tell something about your football background

My love for American football began in 2009. I was looking for a new challenge so I started playing football as a defensive back for the Rheine Raptors U19 in my hometown. After my time in the U19 I decided to support the youth team at first as an assistant and then as a defensive back coach. In the end, I became the head coach of the U19 for my last 2 years in Germany.

What brought you to Brabant and how did you hear about the wolves.

My studies brought me to Breda and I have done some research about football clubs near me.

What is the thing you like the most about working on football with players?

I like the most about coaching and teaching American football to young individuals that they can take so much from the lessons this sport teaches you into their normal life. I really enjoy witnessing the growth of their skills and personalities, especially if it’s a tough way. This sport provides you with some fundamental lessons such as to never give up and that even if everything seems to be lost that there might be still a way to turn the faith.

Can you explain why safety/heads-up football is so important? Especially for kids.

Through my old coaching staff and through the teachings of AFCV NRW I basically grew up with a natural understanding of the importance to play American football safe. The teachings and methods of heads-up football, as well as concussions protocols, form fundamental importance to all American football players.

What do you expect from players when you work with them?

  • To have fun
  • That they are themselves
  • To make mistakes and move on and accept this as part of learning
  • Willingness to explore their limits and maybe go beyond

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